Femmy-mentum: Here we go …

I know it has been a long time coming; a lack of internet and settling into my new job have kind of got in the way of my blogging, but I am back, and as promised I have a series of reflections, from a feminist perspective, from my time at Momemtum.

Naturally they are not a full picture of my time there, but they include a few of the things I was mulling over.  So, each friday until I have run out of things to say, I’ll be post a reflection.  It will start with a three part look at why I support a feminist agenda (something I was thinking about at Momentum) and then continue into other reflections and some reactions to events there.

At the end of each post I shall tell you the title of the next one, so you can be waiting for it all week/decide not to read it. Or, more accurately because sometimes they come in two parts of with two sides and I don’t want you ripping me th shreds before you’ve read both!

Next post (actually coming later today): Why I am a feminist I/III


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