Feastly blogging

The Church of God has always celebrated things, and since its inception those celebrations have, in part, been linked to the calendar.  This is obviously not a unique element of Christian faith, most religions have a calendar with high points in it, but as our Tradition grew so too did the way we celebrated those important days, and indeed the days themselves changed; as other key events occurred they were added to the calendar (important Saint days for example) or as the church perceived a need to to mark occasions they were added too (Remembrance Day for example) or the example that inspires this post; Mothering Sunday (a more specifically mothering Sunday post may follow).

But in the same way that the church developed to add these festivals, the church is still developing; maybe we’ll add a new festival sometime, but certainly the way we mark these occasions is changing.

They key moments in the church year were, and still, are marked as “feasts” the church would gather and mark the occasion by having communion.  Depending on where in the Christian tradition one lies depends on how one marks these feasts, what one calls them, and which ones are observed, I do not see this practice of feasting changing.  But there is a technological development that I see occurring alongside this.  As an increasing number of Christians blog we, I believe not too intentionally, mark the church calendar and these feast days in our blogging; mainly because the feast days have an important meaning to us and we blog about things that are important; a great number of my Methodist friends blogged about Covenant services they’d attended, there are a few Mothering Sunday blogs knocking around, and I intend to add one, Christmas and Easter obviously get blogged about, as does Pentecost, those with a higher churchship may blog about key saints too.  It all makes sense.  If something is worth celebrating physically then it is worth marking in the virtual world as well, it is a natural progression.

In a number of things, we benefit from what comes naturally, but benefit more so if we consciously decide to do something. So I am consciously deciding to blog on feast days.  It won’t be every feast day (there’s at least one saint to commemorate each day) but the ones that I find important, given where I am in my faith tradition, and invite other bloggers to actively seek to do the same.


What do you think ...

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