A New Name

A Campervan is now just a long lost flight of fancy as many many plans have moved on, so calling my blog after the name of the campervan was possibly a bit hasty.  There will also be far less meandering around now.  So I figured it was time to bite the bullet and change the URL and blog name.

Walking in the grey … what’s that all about then?

The more I reflect on life and on faith the more I realise there are few absolutes.  There are few things where it is black and white, actually most of the time we think and act in a greyness, a murky middle ground.  There is, more often than not, a spectrum.  Theologically I am more liberal than many, but more conservative than others; this is a prime example, so hopefully the title reflects that.

But more than that, I am consciously choosing to live, and think in those grey bits.  Life is more exciting here! I am rarely satisifed by simple absolute or binary statements.  Yes, they sometimes make us feel better, in some ways they take a lot of faith (in other ways I think they can be cop outs), but they do not challenge me, and I tend to find they do not respond to challenge well.  There can be no compromise from a black position or a white position, only absolute rebuttal.  So I am actively looking to live in the grey, to be challenged by other people, to take on some of the things they say, to sharpen my own position in response and to do greater justice to the complexity of life as we know it.

Walking in the grey can be a tad dangerous, sometimes I will get things wrong, but this is a risk I am prepared to take for the manifold benefits, so here we are, walking in the grey!!


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