Plan Z

I got a postcard from my good friend Emma the other day.  She is over in Germany and it was very nice to receive it.  With this postcard came a whole load of questions about my future, which I pretty much have answers for, but which I shall share with Emma and a wider readership because hopefully it paints a wider picture and I am sure if Emma is curious others might be too!

When do you graduate? I Graduate in August 2012 i.e. this summer.  It is very very soon

Have you thought what you will do after next year? Sort of!  I am also exploring whether I am called to Presbyteral Ministry (like a Methodist “vicar” in short).  So heading towards that.  One possibility is to candidate during next year and start training the year after.  Another possibility is to leave it a few years and candidate later.  To a greater extent I am waiting on God to give me an idea on timings, and because I am a nervous sort would love it if it kept confirming that sense of call.  Preferably with a signed letter from him or something!

There is also the possibility that in the immediate future I am called to stay in the Bangor&Holyhead Circuit and continue my involvement here.  This is relatively new and something I am just beginning to explore.  Sorry that is vague.  If I am to stay here, then I will be in Bangor for a a few years then maybe candidate after that.

What if the don’t choose your OPP project? Such a good question, possibly needs a post to itself, but in sort I will stay in North Wales and seek any employment I can (within the law) to keep me.  I love it here a bit too much to leave and God seems to be suggesting here is the place to be (nice when we agree).

NB – Blog name will be changed, just trying to work out what to!! A few ideas in my head but feel free to make suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Plan Z

  1. I got a very similar postcard from the very same person, and although I have nothing greatly profound to comment, it is nice to read that there are people in similar positions asking, grasping at and discerning ideas and options akin to my own.

    • That’s alright. I like non-profound comments too. In fact, I have decided that I am rubbish with replying to commentors and so this is something I must improve. Hence this reply! Did you get any profound questions on your postcard, or was it just nice chit chat?

      • haha! Yes. I think you both had similarly profound questions… I like to know what other people do with their lives! 🙂

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