An Introduction

And so my blogging begins.
This has arisen because the idea of a blog has intrigued me for the last few years, largely since I arrived at uni but now I have a purpose and context for my blog which I am happy with, I shall begin.

I am considering working part time for the Methodist Church in Wales, trying to increase Youth Participation (full details in a later post!) and part of the strategy I will use, if that dream goes ahead, is to blog. I see it as a simple way that those with web access can find out about what I am doing, and therefore what is going on with young people in Wales.

At the same time, however, I want my blog to do more than that. I want my blog to be a way of exploring, in a very public manner, following what I perceive to be a call of God on my life at this time. And so I shall start now because in 3 days time I am talking to my minister about this, so it makes sense to start blogging at this point.

So I shall start blogging now, then if after a process (to be described in a different post) I do work for the church my blog will be in place, I will have “found my voice” and be ready to go, and the previous posts will stand as a record of testing that call. If I do not work for the church next year then the blog will probably still exist and become more generic. Either way, I think God as other calls on my life which I will probably blog through so it shall be used in that way.

So that is a little bit about me.

Let me also introduce Mwyndeg. Mwyndeg only exists as a concept at the moment. At the moment I think next year will involve living in a campervan. And I want a name for my campervan, so I picked Mwyndeg. For a bunch of reasons really. I am currently living in North Wales, here welsh identity and culture are tied very closely to the language (which I shamefully haven’t learnt yet, that is an aim for next year) and I wanted to reflect the distinctly welsh element by using a welsh language name. I wanted a name beginning with M, so she and I could meander and also because then she can be “Mwyndeg the Methodist-mobile, or the methomobile” or something cool-sounding like that! I also wanted a slightly unusual name; Myfanwy would not cut it, despite being lovely and welsh. And, because I wasn’t picky enough already, I wanted one with a nice meaning. So Mwyndeg it was. As it comes from words meaning gentle and pretty. So there you have Mwyndeg. She is literally just a name and a scant wish-list of features at the moment, but when she gets closer to reality I shall blog about her with great excitement!

So here I am, starting my blog, just before the adventure starts really, waiting to first dip my toes into exploring this sense of call and into blogging too1